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House Decorator Monica Rissler creates fireplace and TV combo for a beautiful and homey effect


Commercial Remodel

Ever wonder what a home automation showroom looks like? … well this is it. Armor systems wanted a showroom that was up to date in technology and design to allow their clients to experience the details of home automation. This was a warehouse space, employee kitchen, and conference room that was turned into a functional living space to make clients feel right at home. Elements such as the brick wall, wood beams on the ceiling, and tile backsplash add texture to this space. Pops of color, comfortable seating, and glass/iron chandelier give this space a Rustic modern feel. When you walk into the showroom there are several different options ranging from Entertainment mode to the Sports setting. The electronic fire place will turn on, shades will go down, lights will dim, and music will set the tone for the evening or you can wake up to the news on the TV, shades open, and weather report.